In February 2005 a law was introduced in England and Wales making Traditional hunting sports illegal. Although hunting can continue, hounds can for instance be used to flush animals from undergrowth and woodland. Most people however, hunters and animal rights activists alike thought that the end had come for the traditional sight of horses and hounds, red coats and hunting horns…..and masked hunt saboteurs, would disappear for ever.

This has of course not happened. Hunts have continued to keep their organisations, traditions and activities going. Each hunt has found its own way of operating….within the law….or as various anti hunting and animal rights groups claim…by breaking the law. Its obvious that nothing is straight forward. The police, the courts and both sides of the debate cannot agree on how to even interpret the law never mind enforce it  What we hope to do here on our site is document the battles that still rage each week in rural Britain. The violence, intimidation, threats and lies that both sides agree will only ever lead to serious incidents, even deaths in our countryside.