Badger Cull


For centuries badgers have been part of the British Countryside. Man and badgers lived alongside each other, they were eaten, they were hunted and they were controlled as a pest when need arose. Over past decades when badger numbers fell they were protected, this allowed badger numbers to explode. Its not the purpose of this site to discuss the rights or wrongs of badger control but to look at the effect on the countryside of the anti badger cull protests, the attacks on businesses and rural life.

Badger numbers are at an all time high and it is certain that the badger is not the cute lovable creature that many view him to be. He is a ruthless predator capable of affecting other wildlife populations, of predating poultry and lambs and he is also a well known carrier of Tuberculosis.  For these reasons many farmers and rural communities support the government badger culls. These are solely aimed at reducing TB in cattle herds. Many farmers just don’t understand how any creature that isn’t rare or at risk in anyway can expect the level of protection that the badger is afforded. Many people would just like to see allowances to reduce badger numbers as they see fit. Again, this is not the purpose of this site….just an explanation of one side of a great emotional rift and debate into which the more extreme elements of animal rights have stepped.

Stop the cull

Stop the cull is a group fronted by animal rights activist  Jay Tiernan. Financial Abuse       

I think we can all support legitimate protest. Many people become very emotional when any animals are mentioned especially when culling or hunting is involved. Many people believe badger culling isnt effective, many simply have come to see the badger as an iconic loveable animal and cannot stand by, they feel they need to do something. But some of the tactics are questionable, some are bullying and some stretch to illegal acts and criminal damage. We do not wish to accuse Mr Tiernan (real name Gamal Eboe) or his group of anything, only to lay down the facts as we see them.

Carol Wainwright, a farmer from Forthampton, near Tewkesbury, revealed to the Daily Mail she had been so scared she had tried to remove her farm from the cull area after she started receiving threatening phone calls.She said: “I live with a disabled partner and I was terrified of the harassment. It worried me sick. For all I know they could set light to my hay barn.”An activist in the Stop the Cull group said: “As soon as the firing starts, any farm involved in the cull will be part of the interactive map we are creating.”Anyone who is involved in the badger cull will have their addresses will go up on our website”.

A member of parliament received a death threat after he spoke in favour of the cull. Avon and Somerset Police launched an investigation  after Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger received the threat from an anti-cull activists.

A dairy farmer from Minehead in Somerset accused animal rights activists of burning down his barn and poisoning his milk after he spoke out about Bovine TB in a local paper.The farmer believes he has become a victim of sustained attacks after he had two arson incidents and two mysterious contaminations of his stored milk since supporting government moves to eradicate bovine tuberculosis in cattle. He said the attacks have cost him £70,000 leading to him patrolling his farm and home on a nightly basis to ensure the safety of his business and family.In the first incident a barn housing 52 newborn calves erupted into flames during the middle of the night.

Badger cull arson attack

Farmer Mr Thomas surveys his burnt out barn.