Financial Abuse

Jay Tiernan

Jay, who’s real name is Gamal Eboe has become a figure head in the protest about the Badger Cull. In 2003 he was given an 8 month sentence for fraud after he submitted a rather large false claim to the Department for Education. He admitted to spending this money on financing his lifestyle…he was actually on holiday in Greece during the time he made the claim. Jay or Gamal has made a ‘living’ from the animal rights movement…holding down no job but seemingly living at the expense of those kind generous souls who just want to help animals and are often keen to donate a few pounds in the belief they are helping.

Gamal Eboe convicted fraudster

Gamal Eboe, convicted fraudster.

It seems that in 2014 alone Gamal raised over £70000 using various accounts. Much ill will was created as many protest groups claimed they received nothing…Gamal stating the money went on the badger protest campsite.

Steve Taylor- League Against Cruel Sports

Steve Taylor was sentenced to 16 months for stealing £15000. Many animal rights groups have raised vast sums from animal lovers. An average person who cares for animals maybe unable see the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. People obviously care…a lot…its well known that a charity collector with a picture of a cute animal will raise more than a collector seeking funds for a human charity. Fraudsters have known this for a long time. The pots of cash raised by certain animal groups can be vast. Mr Taylor was head of campaigns and communications for the League against cruel sports. The court heard he had previous for deception, theft and forgery (yet he was involved with a money raising charity). An investigation was launched a fraudulent claim for mileage was made.

steve taylor fraud lacs

League against Cruel Sports Fraudster