Hunt Sabs

David Blenkinsop

David Blenkinsop is an animal rights activist of the old school, a true animal rights obsessive out of the animal liberation front mould. Many of these extremists join hunt sabs, seemingly when at a loose end. He used home-made bombs to terrorise abattoir workers and employees of an animal testing laboratory and was jailed for five and a half years.

Dave Blenkinsop


David Blenkinsop, 36, the son of a former ministry of agriculture employee, planted explosives on lorries at an Oxfordshire livestock plant and on workers’ cars at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Cambridgeshire, Oxford Crown Court was told.

He is already serving four and a half years in prison after taking part in a break-in at a guinea pig farm in Burton upon Trent and a baseball bat attack on the managing director of HLS, Brian Cass.

He was until recently seen with Northants Hunt Sabs, although rumour has it he is no longer welcome there as even they realise the damage that can happen if his temper runs away with him. He increasingly spending his time with anti hunting groups round the Country.

Central Lancashire Hunt Sabs- Criminal damage and Bestiality.

In 2015 a new sab group was set up, calling themselves ‘Central Lancashire Hunt Sabs’. They joined up with other local groups and had connections with Lancaster Hunt Sabs.

During the summer season they decided to attack country estates in the Trough of Bowland area, stealing equipment, damaging animal pens and causing as much trouble as they could. Unfortunately not only did they they get themselves caught but they even put photos of their crimes on Facebook. Four people were eventually arrested and charged with theft. Aidan Laing, now 20, admitted a charge of conspiracy to commit criminal damage on the Bleasdale Estate, near Lancaster. He was given a 12-month community service order, ordered to complete 70 hours of unpaid work and to pay £360 court costs.
Jose Bailey, 22, also of Broadfield Drive, Leyland, also admitted the charge and was given a 12-month community service order, ordered to complete 50 hours of unpaid work and pay £150 court costs.
Stephen Laing was bound over to the keep the peace in the sum of £500 for a year. Also bound over were Daniel Ratner, 50, of Pedder Road, Overton, Morecambe; Diana Tuson, 47, of Westlands, Leyland ( who has changed her name to Diana Juliet since the incident) and a 17-year-old girl from Leyland, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Diana Tusom

Diana Tusom who has changed her name after the incident.

On his Facebook site, Stephen Laing supports around 40 hunt saboteur groups, Stop The Cull, and the campaign to Ban Driven Grouse Shooting. His son also follows around a dozen hunt sab groups, Hounds Off, and the Hunt Investigation Team.

While this crime was being investigated rather more worrying crimes were uncovered…. two of the Hunt Sabs and animal rights activists were convicted of charges relating to extreme pornography including a person having sex with a dog.
Father and son, Stephen and Aidan Laing, of Broadfield Drive, Leyland, appeared at Preston Magistrates Court on May 12.
Stephen Laing, 46, pleaded guilty to possessing extreme pornography, depicting a person having sexual intercourse with a live animal, between January 24, 2014 and August 11, 2015. He was fined £560, and ordered to pay a £56 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.
Aidan Laing, then 19, also pleaded guilty to possessing extreme pornography depicting an act of sexual interference with a corpse, between May 26, 2015 and August 11, 2015. He was fined £210 with a £21 victim surcharge and £85 court costs. Aidan plays in a band called the Strange Rooftops.

Aiden Laing

Aidan Laing who plays in the band ‘Strange Rooftops’


Daniel Eydmann- Paedophile and Dorset Hunt Sab

Mr Eydmann hunt sab and paedophile was ordered to stand trial at Taunton Crown
Court accused of downloading pornographic photographs of
children from the internet over a five-year period.
Daniel Eydmann, of Steppes Meadow, Martock, appeared before
Somerset magistrates charged with seven counts of making indecent
images of children.

Daniel Eydmann

Daniel Eydmann out with Dorset Hunt Sabs

Although the hunt sabs tried to distance themselves from Daniel he is still involved with the animal rights movement, he still posts on hunt sab groups and concerns are expressed that he could still be among groups of masked protesters.

Kevin Newell and the Scottish Animal Rights Activists.

Kevin Newell was among a group of Animal Rights Saboteurs who was found guilty at Dundee Sheriffs court of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner. The group of ‘wanna’ be hunt sabs had been following members of a hunt’s staff while covering their faces and wearing paramilitary style clothing in an attempt to imitate hunt sab groups south of the border.

Kevin Newell was given 90 hours unpaid work following incidents on 14 and 21 November 2015 in north east. Fife police said Newell, who is 33, had followed the hunt pack and behaved in an “intimidating” manner. Det Insp Colin Robson, of Police Scotland, said: “We understand that fox hunting is an emotive issue that can be very divisive, however this is no excuse for any offence being comitted.

Continuing the family theme that is often found in animal rights groups a family of extremists were all found guilty of causing fear and alarm. Colin and Beverly Milne and their daughter Amy Lilburn. The clash with a local hunt only came to light when the ‘hunt saboteurs’ filmed themselves following the hunt…..police who watched the footage then locked up the Milnes. The family were detained in custody for the weekend and were later found guilty after a week long trial.

Perth Sheriff Court heard how the trio were dressed in “paramilitary” gear and had snoods pulled up and hats pulled down to mask their faces as they confronted members of the hunt. Sheriff William Wood said: “It is my view you went overboard and were reckless about the consequences. If you are not behaving reasonably then you have to take the punishment”. “Any reasonable person would feel threatened by your conduct, even in the context of a fox hunt in which you say you were seeking to monitor events.”Any person would suffer fear or alarm due to the persistence of your conduct. You all accept you entered Snaigow Estate while you were masked.”You were certainly wearing snoods that covered your faces and hats that came down to your brows. You also accept you filmed members of the public.”You gave that footage to the police. You also accept you followed Mr Broad and his son for an extensive period. This was a joint enterprise. The outcome and impact on other people had not been fully thought about by you”.”It doesn’t seem to me that your conduct could be said to be reasonable in any way. You followed them over a distance of ten to 12 miles, for a period of one to two hours.”You lay in wait for them at a private road. You followed them on foot and continued to follow them even though there was no hunt in progress. You continued to film them when there was nothing to film”.

He fined offshore labourer Mr Milne, 49, and toilet attendant Mrs Milne, 39, £200 each and admonished unemployed Lilburn.All three live in Toutie Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire and were found guilty of causing fear or alarm to Angus and Edward Broad on March 13 last year.

Judith Hewitt

An anti-hunt campaigner and all round animal rights extremist, known as mad Judi or screaming Judi throughout rural communities was finally brought to justice after being found guilty of assaulting and harassing a hunt’s “terrier man” after he shot a fox. Llandudno Court heard Judith Hewitt, 67, of Rhyl, North Wales became “absolutely hysterical” after she started hitting Robert Smith on the back after he legally killed the fox in his role as a licensed vermin controller.

In the same way that many other animal rights extremists have been caught Judi Hewitt  recorded the confrontation herself and posted a heavily edited version online, on social media and YouTube adding her own emotionally charged comments. She then waged a campaign of harassment against Mr Smith, trespassing on land, obstructing him as he went about his work and posting offensive items on websites and social media. Mr Smith told the court he had been controlling a fox that was harming pheasants on the Plas Newydd estate at Trefnant last January when Hewitt came across him.


Judi Hewitt

As the footage was played in court, Mr Smith, who was legally bound under hunting legislation to be carrying a loaded shotgun, could be heard asking Judith Hewitt: ”Could you step back please? I am perfectly entitled to be here.”Mr Smith is heard telling Hewitt he had a loaded gun and he and a companion were operating within the law. Hewitt then claimed she was pushed down a bank by him, but Mr Smith responded: “You slipped down.” Judith is well known in rural areas for switching off her video recorder and throwing herself to the floor before resuming filming while screaming.Hewitt continues to insult Mr Smith, making comments such as: “You are evil beyond belief” and “It’s barbaric.”Mr Smith said: “She went absolutely hysterical. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She ran up the bank and was screaming and shouting, calling us devils and tried to take the fox off me. ”Mr Smith said armed officers had turned up after Mrs Hewitt’s companion Emma Thomas called 999 and alleged he had threatened to shoot them.